Rebar and Rebar Fabrication

No matter the size of your project we can help with your rebar needs. We are capable of fabricating rebar up to #8 bar and can turn your order around quickly. If you need custom cages tied for your project we can help by delivering the fabricated bar to the site ready for install.

If you need epoxy coated rebar for your specialized project we can help with that as well. Call today for pricing.

ACI Standard Bar Bends

Welded Wire Mesh

We proudly stock and deliver a wide variety of welded wire mesh to your job site at Astrof Concrete Hardware.


Welded remesh has various construction uses for the residential, commercial, and the precast concrete industry. This product is used to reinforce driveways, sidewalks, decks, flatwork and can also be used for precast vaults, concrete pipe and can be utilized in other structural forming applications.


Benefits Of Wire Reinforced Concrete Slabs

• Wire Mesh is delivered in flat sheets for easy installation (7'6"x 20').

• Reinforcing your concrete slab helps reduce cracking.
• Wire reinforcing reduces and controls crack width and helps maintain   aggregate interlock.
• Displacement and curling can be minimized when wire reinforced         concrete is provided.
• Strength is increased with wire reinforced concrete, even the                 smallest cross sectional area of wire reinforcement will provide             reserve strength of 16 percent and more.
• Most importantly, wire mesh reinforcement saves you money over       the life time of your slab.
• Finally, admixtures are not an alternative to wire reinforcement; they   both do different things in the concrete. Therefore, admixtures cannot   be substituted for wire reinforcement and is essential that steel           reinforcement be sized, spaced, and placed properly with a well-         graded and compacted granular sub base.
• Special orders available in galvanized, epoxy coated and stainless. 
• Standard sheet size 7’6”x 20’ with square sizes of 6”x 6”.


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