Sigma Fiberglass Rod for Board Forming

Current Projects - Job Site With A Unique Structure


Here is a current project that we supplied concrete hardware, form rentals and rebar fabrication. This bunker style two car garage will have green roof over the top. 




Current Projects - Job Site With Limited Space


Limited space at this job site made for some real challenges when detailing the rebar and coordinating deliveries. Fortunately for our customer, they used Astrof Concrete Hardware and we were able to sequence their deliveries as needed.

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Current Projects - Job Site w/Challenging Construc.


This Seattle contractor just finished a very challenging project that involved tall spillway curbs around a county boat launch. Before this project started, the contractor requested a proposal from Astrof Concrete for material to be used. Material takeoff's are always free of charge and help the customer control inventory and costs, which saves you time and money.


This particular project required over 300 turnbuckles. In this case, the contractor decided to rent these items instead of purchasing them and saved $3,000 from his bottom line.

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